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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to display Default Value Based on Operating unit?

Here i have a requirement in Oracle Applications R12. i.e. 
We have a concurrent Program having Two parameters 1) Operating Unit
                                                                                     2) Bank Name.
both having list of values. we have 81,82,83 org_id s. So requirement is display Default value for bank name parameter that is depend on Operating unit. means Display "ICICI Bank-A/C-000505015420" as a default value when we select 82 org_id and display "Payments Dummy Accts - SEZ-II" as a default value when we select 83 org_id other wise display "Payments Dummy Account - STPI" as a default value for bank name parameter.


For this i used default type Sql Statement for bank name parameter and in default value field i used below Query.
Note that it should be in Single line.

Select decode(b.org_id,82,'ICICI Bank-A/C-000505015420',83,'Payments Dummy Accts - SEZ-II',81,'Payments Dummy Account - STPI') from ce_bank_accounts a,CE_BANK_ACCT_USES_ALL b where a.bank_account_id=b.bank_account_id and  b.org_id=:$FLEX$.FND_MO_OU

Here "FND_MO_OU" is a value set name for operating unit parameter.

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