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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

REP-0771: After Form trigger failed.

REP-0771: After Form trigger failed.

The above error occurred when I ran the concurrent program.
The program will insert the data in to temp table. so that temp table has huge data, so this error occurred.

Later I deleted data and commit, then ran the program, now it's completed normal.

Where to enter Person's Phone number in Oracle Apps R12 in HRMS

When ever you enter Person's phone number one record will populate in PER_PHONES table.

To enter person's phone number, go to HRMS manager enter and maintain people, query the person.

Then go to others button, phones and there give type as work for office purpose and give enter and save,.

If you want to enter email then before others button office details tab email field.

How to get ledger name?


In Oracle you can get ledger name by using below query.

select mo_utils.Get_Ledger_Name(P_ORG_ID) from dual
Org_id from profile.

select mo_utils.Get_Ledger_Name( fnd_profile.value('ORG_ID')) from dual;

you can use above query in conc prg parameters default value for sql statement.

How to do Reclassification in Fixed Assets in R12?

Go to asset work bench, query the asset and click open.
Then directly change the category and click Done.

That's all.
If you want to do unit adjustments then
go to asset work bench and query the asset.

then Click assignments and then in first line give units in minus in units change (to decrease)
then click done.

Same way you can change the location. in same screen just give another location with some units.