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Saturday, July 25, 2015

How to select the column from Hr_employees table in R12?

Hi All,

HR_EMPLOYEES table have column.

But while writing it in select, we are getting error. So How to use it in Select?

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so while querying that column you should write like this only....

select he."PBG.NAME" from hr_employees he

Password Related Profiles in Oracle Applications R12


In Oracle applications R12 we have some profile options regarding password. To set password case, length, No Reuse ..etc.
Signon Password Case
Signon Password Length
Signon Password No Reuse
Signon Password Hard To Guess
Signon Password Failure Limit
Signon Password Custom
These are all system profiles.
Hi All,

Here we gave some interview questions. If you have any answer comment here...

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2) Also write full linkage with tables and joins

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6) What is 3 way matching in PO?

7) If matching failed, then what will happen?

8) If it goes to hold, then how will you resolve?

9) Report registration process?

10) Forms development and canvas types?

11) What is the challenge work you have done?

12) DFF?

13) What is BR-100?

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