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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Explain Oracle Applications Roles and Responsibilities in brief

  1.  Gather Business Requirement
  2.  Prepare MD050 Document
  3.  Prepare BR100 setup Document
  4.  Functional setup
  1. Develop RICE components.
      R - Reports     -- Reports 6i, 10g
      I - Interface   -- Programs, SQL, PL/SQL
      C - Conversion-- Programs, SQL, PL/SQL

      E - Extension  -- Forms 6i, 10g
  2. Prepare Documentation.
    1. MD070: Technical Design Document. 
    2. MD120: Migration Or Installation Document
    3. TE020: Unit Test Cases Document
  3. Performance Tuning.
  4. Prepare sequel queries based on end user requirement.
  5. AOL -> Application Object Library
  6. Attend weekly Meeting.

      MD070(Module Design): functional Design Document
      BR : Business Requirement.

   Legacy System:
                Any software other than Oracle Apps.
    Ex: AutoCAD, TIBCO, SAP, Mainframes.
   Types of projects:

  1. Implementation Project
  2. Customization Project
  3. Up-gradation ( 11.5.9 to
  4. Supporting / Maintenance
Implementation Project:
        Client will be using another software to Maintain the business solution. now the client wants to have Oracle applications Package to capture the data.
That time we will start setups, data conversions, gap analysis, functions document prepare from the scratch - first time.

Customization Project:
      Client was already using Oracle Applications, now the client would like to have few more modules to cover the business, for that we will customize new modules and integrate with existing modules.

Migration / Up-gradation Project:

     Client was already using oracle applications older version now client would like to move new version of Oracle Applications that time we will migrate older version objects in to new version.

Supporting or Maintenance:
        Once the implementation, customization and migration are over, then supporting project will be started where we will give supporting for the objects which were already developed, customized and migrated

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