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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Changing the back ground colour of a field through Form Personalization

This was done in Oracle apps R/12
In Inventory Item form currently Item is displaying in gray colour back ground.

But our requirement is that item colour should be in red colour.


Open the Form

Place cursor on Item field and see examine

Note down the Block and Field names.
Then go to personalize like below.

Short cut keys to go here is Alt+hdcz

Give sequence and appropriate name and trigger event. Then go to actions tab and enter following details

Here target object is our block name.field name which we already noted down.
Select property name as BACKGROUND_COLOR and then give value as r255g0b0 (this is colour code)

Click on Validate and click on apply and save. Now close the form and re open then we will see back ground in red colour.

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