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Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to Migrate Reports from 11i to R12?

We had a big challenge when to migrate the oracle rdf reports from version 11i to R12. Most of our consultants used RA_CUSTOMERS, RA_ADDRESSES, RA_CUST_SITES views to get the customer related information in the report. As you know, these tables/views are no longer used in R12.

Here, This is the trick i have used. I have created 3 views, which is based on the HZ_% tables like XX_RA_CUSTOMERS, XX_RA_ADDRESSES and XX_RA_CUST_SITES. Now, in all old rdf reports i haved included XX_ infront of RA_ and solved the issue.

There is one more easy way to solve this issue. But I have one question in this? Tell me, shall we go in this way.

Common Question is... Instead of making XX_RA_CUSTOMERS, why cannot we create a view in the same name as RA_CUSTOMERS and drop the RA_CUSTOMERS table? I know we should not touch the oracle seeded objects. But, As per oracle R12 technical design this tables are no more...!

Hope this will help you. For more updates keep watching................

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