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Sunday, May 26, 2013

FRM-41072: cannot create group FRM-41827: Group Does not exist


FRM-41072: cannot create group <Group Name>
FRM-41827: Group Does not exist.

If it will occur at the time of changing or restricting LOV then follow below procedure.

First open the form and place cursor on field which have list of values in drop down

then go to help diagnostics examine
give system
        current block

then it shows block name this was the Data Block Name in our .fmb file.

in same form go to help--> About oracle applications

here we can see the form name. i.e our .fmb name it should be in AU_TOP

so get that .fmb and open through Form Builder

here we can click on our Data block then click on Items

select our field which is having list of values then press F4

here we can see the LOV name.

then go to LOV in the same form builder down

then right click on our LOV here copy the query and paste it into TOAD or Sql Developer

Made changes in where condition what ever we require. Dont change columns and names.

Then go to frontend form and help-->diagnistics-->custom code --> form personalize

here give sequence and name and function


then click on actions

10  Builtin              All                                  Create Record Group from query:
paste your query here. and in the group name give some name i.e. XX_GRP.( As your like)

20  Property         All                                  Object Type - LOV
                                                                   Target Object - select your LOV name here
                                                                   Property Name - GROUP_NAME
                                                                 Value - give the new record group name here i.e. XX_GRP.

By doing above procedure as it is sometimes getting error so what we will do that time is

just done all changes and save and validate and validate all dont click on Apply Now.

now close the form and re open now we can see restricted lov.

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