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Monday, April 28, 2014

How to create Short Cuts in SQL Developer?

Like toad we can have lot of short cuts in Sql Developer tool also. Here we can create our own short cuts. For this just you have to follow below steps.

Open Sql Developer and Connect. Then go to Tools à Preferences.

Then click on Database à SQL Editor Code Templates

Here in right side click add template button then add your short cut words in ID column then give what it need to do in Template column.
Ex: write sf in ID column and SELECT * FROM in template column.

Like that we can create many short cuts.

After creating templates click ok. Then in sql developer give sf and click on Shift + F4 button to execute these short cuts. But in toad we just give short cut name then press space bar then the full code will come. Like this we can active code after pressing control+Space. But for this we need to do below steps.

Go to Tools à Preferences

Click on Accelerators

Select Code template

Here in new Accelerator put cursor and in key board type control and space at a time. Then it will show as Ctrl+Space then click on Add button and then OK. Now you can enjoy with short cuts.

Just type any short cut key and press Ctrl+Space then you will get full code.

Ex: write sf then press Ctrl+Space then you will get below code.