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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Oracle Applications R12 Features

Oracle Applications R12 Features:

1. MOAC (Multiorg Access Control):  By Using Single Responsibility we can be able to access multiple operating units at a time.

2. Mutiorg views were replaced with MOAC Based synonyms.

3. MO: Security Profile is a new profile added in R12.

4. VPD(Virtual Private Database) System will take care of Data security in R12

5.Org Initialization process in R12 :
Here 204 is the org_id

  MOAC Synonym Initialization:
     MO_GLOBAL.INIT ('SQLAP'); -- Application Short Name

  Module wise Changes in Oracle Apps R12:
  General Ledger (GL):
  1. Sub ledger Accounting module was added in R12.
  2. gl_sets_of_books table was replaced with gl_ledgers and gl_ledger_Sets.
  3. In Addition to Currency, Calendar, Chart of accounts,
     Convention was added in R12.

   Accounts Payable (AP):
   1. po_vendors tables replaced with ap_suppliers tables.
   2. ap_invoice_distributions_all table populates the data  when ever invoice gets accounted.
   3. Supplier form was converted from form based solution to web based solution.
   4. ap_invoice_lines_all table added in R12.
   5. Supplier and customer information was defined together Under TCA(Trading Community Architecture).
   6. Accounting Tables were modified.
   7. Both supplier and customer bank information was defined
     under payments (New application in R12) Application.
      11i Table               R12 Table
      -----------             ------------
      ap_ae_accounting_events xla_events
      po_vendor_sites_all     ap_supplier_sites_all
      po_vendors              ap_suppliers
      ap_banks                ce_banks
      ap_bank_branches        ce_bank_branches
      po_vendor_contacts      ap_supplier_contacts
      ap_ae_headers_all       xla_ae_headers
      ap_ae_lines_all         xla_ae_lines

Order Management (OM):
  i. ra_customers ,ra_site_uses_all ,ra_adderesses_all views were removed in R12.
  ii. Move Order Fautures were added in R12.
  iii. In place of ra_customers,ra_site_uses_all,ra_addersses_all
  views need to use the below mentioned base tables.

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